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You wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of rain… but wait…that’s not rain you hear?!?  Uh oh, the fun has begun.

A number of our Mold Investigations involve leaks that have been progressing for some time, leading to damaged building materials and toxic mold growth. 

If you are already seeing signs of damage then time is of the essence.  Call us today for a consultation so we can assist you in finding the right people for your job.  State law, with few exceptions, requires Asbestos and/or Lead Testing prior to construction beginning.


Where do Most Leaks Occur?

Our friends over at the EPA have put together this helpful checklist which we recommend aligning with the time changes in California.  Although this list is not all inclusive, it will give you a great starting ground to monitor your home for signs that water damage has occurred. If you see signs of damage, notice odd odors, or just would like some peace of mind give Mailman Environmental a call.

For those that are dealing with an Emergency Water Damage situation visit the FEMA website for their pamphlet “Dealing with Mold & Mildew in Your Flood Damaged Home”.

Leak Check Season is Here

Below you will find clickable flyers that you can use for reference as you do a walk through of your house.  Take plenty of photos, notes, and maybe invest in an inexpensive moisture meter.  And of course, if you find something suspicious, give us a call and we will help point you in the right direction.

Do you have concerns about your own residence, school, or business?  For more information, or to schedule a Mold Inspection, Lead-Based Paint Inspection, Radon or Asbestos Inspection in Santa Clarita, the Antelope Valley, Ventura County, or Greater Los Angeles area you can submit an online request, call us (661) 219-5160 or email request to [email protected]

About Mailman Environmental

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