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Indoor Air Quality Inspection and Testing

Here are some facts to know about Indoor Air Quality Inspection and Testing:

1. The EPA has reported that the air in a home can have 100x’s more chemicals than outside.

2. The EPA has reported that adults and kids now spend most of their time indoors (90%).

3. The CDC has reported that 20+ million adults have asthma, and the National Asthma Survey has reported that asthma is the most prevalent chronic disease among children.

4. Mold growth and other potential allergens can be present within the home and be hidden behind walls, underneath carpeting or flooring.

5. The use of Formaldehydes in certain building materials and the concentration of this known cancer-causing agent can also be many times the safe level.

    Mailman Environmental chose to offer our customers the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Home Survey™, a state-of-the-art test that checks for chemicals in the air that could potentially make you and your family sick, and provides you with an assessment of the home air quality.

    • IAQ Home Survey is a low-cost test designed to measure the chemicals in the air and find hidden mold.
    • IAQ Home Survey reports the total amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) found in the home and whether they are within a recommended safe range.
    • IAQ Home Survey predicts the source of the VOCs and determines if the home is the source or if the VOCs are merely from the contents of the home.
    • IAQ Home Survey is so sensitive it monitors for the chemicals released by actively growing mold, whether it is behind walls or underneath carpeting or flooring.
    • Formaldehyde can be measured and reported individually for an additional charge. This test is especially recommended for any home constructed or remodeled within the past five years.
    • This is much different than the methodologies used for Mold Investigations, and if your concerns come from a water damage incident than different investigative and testing methods may be recommended.
    • Get peace of mind that the air in the home you’re buying is safe to breathe. Call the Mailman today at (661) 219-5160 or email [email protected] about performing an accurate, affordable IAQ Home Survey inspection.
    These situations can be difficult to navigate, are you unsure where to start? Give us a call
    Let’s talk it through – there are many misconceptions in the field of testing and we are here to help!

    Mailman Environmental provides environmental testing services including Asbestos and Lead Surveys, Mold and Bacteria Investigations, and Indoor Air Quality Assessments for the Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Clarita (Valencia, Newhall, Saugus and Castaic), Antelope Valley (Palmdale and Lancaster) areas. Our certified and insured professionals provide you with an independent assessment, guidance on the next steps in the process, and reassurance that you have a trusted partner along the way. For more information call us at (661) 219-5160 or email us at [email protected]

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